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Colorenco is the creative production company for the development and implementation of editorial and commercial (photo)reports for editors of magazines, brands, companies, institutions and events. It is able to take care of the complete production whereby styling, models, locations, photography, recipes, layout, etc. can be offered. Due to the integral and efficient approach of the productions, Colorenco can meet the needs of the customer. Colorenco has a network of specialists with whom design, layout and production can be realized for every project. Colorenco organizes productions for magazines and periodicals at its own risk by developing and elaborating its own concepts. Based on experience, these are tailored to the wishes of the customer, relevant and appropriate in this time and tailored to specific target groups. At home and abroad, this work is presented to editors for publication.

Production and styling by Paula Schouten

Paula Schouten, director and owner, is a producer & stylist and works for commercial clients, magazines and other media outlets. She has experience with productions related to work, living, healthy living, children, food and fashion. Originally Paula worked in forecast styling, where she provided analyses and advised on trends and expected innovative products and trends. After designing collections, visual merchandising and designs in various styling departments of retail organizations, she started her own company. Within Colorenco she organizes the total image production in an effective way, in which she knows how to provide the various productions with a striking and appealing form.

General Manager – producer

Jan Paul Reij is a producer and guides the development of strategies and products that can play an effective role in our rapidly changing society. Values between people, such as consumer, producer, brand, distribution (chain) need to be adjusted or redeveloped, whereby responsibilities and authorities shift. Reij contributes to the development and supervision of scenarios, (business) models, plans and products with the aim of marketing them as pilots or as a start-up.